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Jiaerke Pharmaceuticals Carried out Learning and Sharing Activity of "Human Resources Management of Non-Human Resources Managers"

Time: 2019-12-16

In order to create an independent learning atmosphere for all staff to learn new concepts, new methods, and new skills, and provide participants with a platform for knowledge review and sharing, on the morning of December 14, the company organized the "Human Resources Management of Non-Human Resources Managers" learning sharing session. Middle and senior management staff and other interested employees listened to the sharing session.

The sharing meeting was chaired by Cheng Xiaoxia, Manager of Human Resources, and the sharing made by the 12 sharing people covered 5 modules, role transition of non-human resources managers; talent identification: discovering able people with a sharp eye and selecting elite; talent cultivation: becoming the first instructor in the department; talent deployment: knowing how to judge and use people, and letting them work at their best; talent retention: line managers know how to keep people. Each sharer explained part of the knowledge points, and combined with work practice, talked about the experience of the training course and the direction of improvement in the future work.

After the sharing session, Jiang Hui, Vice General Manager of Administration & Human Resources, affirmed the performance of all the sharing people. She pointed out that this sharing meeting brought a lot of new talent management concepts and management skills, and hoped that everyone would apply what they learned to their actual work.

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